Western Visayas

Aningalan Full Gospel A/G Church , 5714 Aningalan, San Remigio, Antique

Assembly of God – Magsaysay, 5702 Magsaysay, Patnongon Anrique

Assembly of God – Villa Lawa-an, 5705 Villa Lawa- an Antique

Barbaza Christian Fellowship A/G , 5706 Barbaza, Antique

Blessed Hope Christian Fellowship, 5702 Cubay, Patnongon Antique

Bugasong Aseembly of God, 5704 Bugasong Antique

Bugo Christian Assembly of God, 5714 San Remegio Antque

Cadolonan Assembly of God, 5714 Cadolonan, San Remegio, Antique

Calag- itan Assembly of God, 5714 Calag – itan, San Remegio, Antique

Calvary Temple Assembly of God, 5713 Villafont, Sibalom Antique

Calvary Temple Assembly of God, 5714 Carmelo I San Remegio Antique

Calvary Temple Assembly of God, 5713 Lagdo, Sibalom Antique

Christ is The Answer Assembly of God, 5708 Centro Norte, Culasi Antique

Christian Life Center Assembly of God, 5700 San Pedro, San Jose Antique

Esperanza Assembly of God, 5713 Esperanza, Sibalom Antique

Faith Assembly of God, 5702 Bitas, Patnongon, Antique

First Full Gospel Church ( Old Town), 5714 Old Town Vilvar, San Remegio, Antique

Freedom Hills Christian Life Center, 5715 Hamtic, Antique

Goodnews Assembly of God, 5700 Funda Dalipe, San Jose Antique

Grace Gospel Church, 5702 Villa Salomon, Patnongon, Antique

Jesus Cares Fellowship, 5715 Calala, Hamtic, Antique

Jesus Cares Fellowship  Assembly of God, 5702 Vista Alegre, Patnongon Antique

Jesus Living Water Christian Assembly of God, 5700 Badiang, San Jose Antique

Jesus the Savior Assembly of God, 5707 Del Pilar, Tibiao, Antique

Lacaron Assembly of God, 5713 Lacaron, Sibalom Antique

Living Water Assembly of God, 5702 Patnongon Antique

Lord of the Harvest, 5717 Anini-y, Antique

Maranatha Assembly of God, 5714 Carawisan, San Remegio Antique

Nagdayao Assembly of God, 5713 Nagdayao, Sibalom, Antique

New Life Christian Fellowship, 5701 Poblacion, Belison, Antique

Praise the Lord Christian Fellowship, 5700 Common, San Jose Antique

Reconcialiation Assembly of God, 5714 General Luna, San Remegio, Antique

San Jose Assembly of God, 5700 Avenida St., San Jose, Antique

San Rafael Assembly of  God, 5702 San Rafael, Patnongon, Antique

Santiago Assembly of God, 5705 Lawa – an, Santiago, Antique

Saved by Grace Assembly of God, 5715 Ingwan, Hamtic, Antique

Sibalom Assembly of God, 5713 Sibalom Antique

Solong Assembly of God, 5713 Sibalom Antique

Valderama Assembly of  God, 5703 Valderama, Antique

Villar Assembly of God, 5713 Villar, Sibalom Antique

Agape Christian  Fellowship, 5004 Zarraga, Iloilo

Alibunan, Christian Church, 5040 Alibunan, Calinog, Iloilo

Balasan Christian Center, 5018 Balasan Iloilo

Bay – ang Calvary Temple, 5012 Bay – ang, Ajuy, Iloilo

Barosbos Full God Church, 5019 Brgy. Barosbos, Carles, Iloilo

Batad  Christian, 5016 Batad Viejo, Batad Iloilo

Binggawan Assembly, 5041 Binggawan, Iloilo

Bitoon Christian Center, Bitoon Iloilo

Buaya Full Gospel Assembly of God, 5019 Brgy. Buaya, Isla Gegante Carles

Calinog Full Gospel Christian Fellowship, 5040 Calinog Iloilo

Carles Assembly of God, 5019 Po. Carles Iloilo

Christian Worship Center, 5008 Pototan, Iloilo

Estancia Christian Center, 5017 Estancia, Iloilo

Estancia full Gospel Assembly of God, 5017 Estancia, Iloilo

Glad Tidings  Assembly of God, 5038 Duenas, Iloilo

Goodnews Charismatic Fellowship, 5035 San Matias, Dingle, Iloilo

Granada Assembly of God, 5019 Granada, Isla  Gegante, Carles

Jesus Life Giver Ministries, 5032 Mina, Iloilo

Jesus Loves You Fellowship, 5012 Luca, Ajuy, Iloilo

Living Hope Christian Center, 5006 Dumangas, Iloilo

New Life Christian  Fellowship, 5010 Banate Iloilo

New Lucena Christian Fellowship, 5005 New Lucena, Iloilo

Odiongan Christian Center, 5019 Isla Gigante, Carles, Iloilo

Passi Full Gospel Church, 5037 Passi City

Praise Nissi Christian Church Inc., 5007 Lagubang Barutac Nuevo, Iloilo

San Enrique First Assembly of God, 5036 Manolo St., San Enrique Iloilo

Streams of Living Wate Assembly of God, 5011 Barutac Viejo, Iloilo

Sara Christian Fellowship, 5014Sara Iloilo

Sinai Assembly of God, 5035 Tabugon, Dingle, Iloilo

Talingting Christian Center, 5017 Talingting  Estancia Iloilo

Tambunac Bethel Temple, 5035 Tambunac, Dingle, Iloilo

Toong Christian Center, 5019 Toong, Isla Gegante, Carles, Iloilo

Word of Life Christian Fellowship, 5003 Cagamutan, Leganes, Iloilo

Alimodian Assembly of God, 5028 Alimodian Iloilo

Barosong Assembly of God, 5021 Barosong, Tigbauan, Iloilo

Bethel Temple Assembly of God, 5022 Brgy, Nalunda, Guimbal, Iloilo

Buyuan Christian Center, 5021 Buyu – an, Tigbauan, Iloilo

Cabatuan Full Gospel Christian Church, 5031 Cabatuan, Iloilo

Faith Assembly Community Church, Molo Blvd. Iloilo City

First Assembly of God, 5024 San Pedro St., San Joaquin, Iloilo

Janiuay Full Gospel Center5034 Janiuay, Iloilo

Jesus the Life Giver Fellowship, Manduriao, Iloilo City

Home of Refuge, 5021 Tigbauan, Iloilo

Hosanna Christian Fellowship, 5000 Gen. Hudges. St., Iloilo City

Lambunao Christ Centered Church, 5042 Lambunao Iloilo

Life Christian Center, 5000 Lopez Jaena St., Oton Iloilo

Lord’s Banner Christian Fellowship, 5000 Tabuc Suba, Jaro Iloilo City

Maasin Full Gospel  Church, 5030 Maasin, Iloilo

Miracle 1 Assembly of God, 5023 Brgy, Calampitao, Miagao, Iloilo City

Miracle 2 Assembly of God, 5023 Brgy. Gines, Miagao, Iloilo

Mt. Hope  Assembly, 5000 Banker’s Village, Jaro Iloilo City

Neighborhood Christian Family Fellowship, 5023 Camp Monte Claro, Igtuba, Miagao Iloilo City

River of Hope Christian Assembly, Compania  Central, Molo, Iloilo City

Savior’s Touch Ministries ( Hotel), 5000 Four Season’s Hotel, Delgado St., Iloilo City

Sharown Christian Tabernacle, 5000 Quezon St., Iloilo City

Tabernacle of Praise Christian Fellowship, 5026 Cambronero St., Leon Iloilo

Tagsing Assembly of God, 5002 Tagsing, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo

Born Again Christian Fellowship, 5045 San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras

Buenavista Assembly of God, 5044 Buenavista, Guimaras

Living Hope Christian Fellowship, 5046 Nueva, Valencia, Guimaras

Mt. Moriah Church Assembly of God, 5046 Zaldivar, Buenavista, Guimaras

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